ABC Four Corners eviscerates JBS


ABC-TV Four Corners has eviscerated JBS, the Brazilian Butchers who now own Huon Aquaculture, in an episode on April 25.

Bought with the proceeds of overseas crime, our salmon industry is now in the hands of savage corporations who care nothing for our waterways and marine life and who care only for profit.

This program questions how the Australian meat industry – and increasingly now the salmon industry – came to be dominated by a Brazilian multinational that is a byword for international corruption on an industrial scale.

It also asks why state and federal politicians roll over when JBS comes to town – begging the question, if JBS can be discovered overseas bribing no less than 1,800 legislators, if its owners have spent time in jail for corruption, if it is accused of undermining US national interests through its activities, then what are our own politicians gaining by backing this corrupt multinational?

You can watch the show on ABC-TV's iView – or Google Four Corners JBS.