Recently NOFF made a substantial submission to a Federal enquiry on greenwashing, accusing the salmon industry of misleading practices to claim to be sustainable.

We pointed to eco-certifications schemes that simply require certified farms to follow government regulations, and mislead seafood shoppers with their promises, and that politicians are using these vague claims to shore up the industry in news media.

NOFF has challenged the RSPCA to justify its continued support for the multinational salmon industry in Tasmania.

This campaign focuses on major supermarkets - tell your Woolworths, Coles or ALDI manager and staff that those labels are meaningless, deceptive and contrary to their corporate standards.

NOFF has now partnered with other environmental groups to make a formal complaint to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission about this deceptive greenwashing by leading supermarkets.

Help send our campaigner to speak in Canberra!