EPA defies scientific advice and increases Maugean skate extinction risk

Macquarie Harbour fish pens
Macquarie Harbour fish pens

NOFF condemns the decision by EPA director Wes Ford to grant the salmon industry two more years to destroy Macquarie Harbour and drive the Maugean skate closer to extinction. He will have 14 days to defend his reasons for this decision.

Mr Ford's decision flies in the face of science and the will of Tasmanian people.

"It is unconscionable to grant foreign companies with no stake in Tasmania's marine heritage the freedom to pollute a unique waterway and destroy a 60-million year old animal," said Peter George, President, Neighbours of Fish Farming.

NOFF calls the new license conditions out for skirting around the issue of dissolved oxygen, the primary cause for the Maugean skate's extinction risk.

"We are appalled that Director Wes Ford has implemented a two year renewal for licenses in Macquarie Harbour, rolling over for multinational owners of the salmon industry when the Maugean skate is only one extreme weather event away from extinction."
"The EPA is handing certainty to the salmon industry to continue to operate, business as usual, without preparing workers for the very real need for transition out of Macquarie Harbour". Jessica Coughlan, campaigner at Neighbours of Fish Farming

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