Global groups: Federal Environment Minister - act immediately to prevent extinction of Maugean skate


Something to be proud of?

Tasmania boasts imagery of the thylacine on its state logo, yet as a symbol, the animal's extinction is a national shame—and we are about to repeat a sad history. A global coalition of organisations actively campaigning against the destructive industrial processes that are damaging our oceans and waterways are urging Tanya Plibersek to adhere to her portfolio promise of "NO MORE EXTINCTIONS".

Global signatories to the call for the Federal Environment Minister to intervene include Doug Frantz, Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, co-author of Salmon Wars and Assistant Secretary of State under President Barack Obama. "For too many decades, we have treated our oceans like sewers, and open net salmon farms are among the worst polluters," Mr Frantz said. "We must get those farms out of our waters to save our environment."

NOFF is calling for the swift, and permanent, removal of salmon pens from Macquarie Harbour. Scientists clearly state the extinction of the Maugean skate is preventable, so it is imperative that the government takes action now.

The plight of the skate has been caused by a complacent and complicit state government, which places the profits of multi-nationals above the survival of our marine species and eco systems. "There have been two decades of denial over the skate's imminent extinction. It is irrefutable that their demise is linked to industrial salmon pollution in Macquarie Harbour," said NOFF Vice President, Lisa Litjens.

At a time when the oceans hold the key to the future health of our planet, the Environment Minister Plibersek must take urgent action to remove all salmon pens from Macquarie Harbour immediately. Unlike the thylacine, the Maugean skate can be saved— something to be truly proud of.

  • Lisa Litjens, NOFF Vice President
  • Jess Coughlan, NOFF campaigner