NOFF goes national with UnCage Our Seas campaign, northern NSW and SE Queensland, December 1 - 9


NOFF is taking the UnCage Our Seas campaign on the road to end toxic salmon. First events are in northern NSW and SE Queensland. Further events coming soon to cities and regional areas through 2024.

With films by LOWCO
With films by LOWCO

From film events, to music gigs, to community engagement, the UnCage Our Seas mainland campaign will spread the word to Australian consumers that Tasmanian industrially farmed Atlantic salmon is not "clean, green and sustainable" Worse, it's absolutely not the healthy "superfood" the industry touts.

By changing consumer habits across Australia to reject Tasmanian farmed salmon, we can drive change and end the destructive practices of the foreign-owned industrial salmon producers.

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Peter George

President, Neighbours of Fish Farming

+61 426 150 369