Secrecy just creates a fishy smell


An opinion piece in the Hobart Mercury recently posed some serious questions for the salmon industry in Tasmania:

  • Do you concede that the algal slime found throughout the channel and Macquarie Harbour is a result of excess nutrient loading, primarily from fish farms?
  • What is the omega 3 to omega 6 ratio in your product and how frequently is this monitored?
  • Do current stocking densities compromise the immune functions of salmon and
    make them more susceptible to disease and parasite infection?
  • Are there artificial flavours, colourants, antibiotics or other veterinary treatments or
    other modifications to salmon diets that are detectable in the water column and/or
    the product?

The article concludes that the industry needs greater transparency in their actions, to protect our brand Tasmania, and redeem their social license so the community can allow them to borrow our environment for their economic gain.