TAMP calls on EPA: reveal reasons for renewing Macquarie Harbour salmon licences


The Tasmanian Alliance for Marine Protection (TAMP) has called on the Tasmanian EPA to immediately reveal its reasons for renewing licences for industrial salmon companies to continue operating in Macquarie Harbour. Licences expired today and were immediately renewed, ignoring the majority of Tasmanians who now oppose the industry operating in shallow, vulnerable coastal waters.

TAMP is deeply concerned that the same decisions have been made for other waterways such Long Bay (Port Arthur), the D'Entrecastreaux Channel, Huon River and Storm Bay.

Licences for salmon hatcheries that spew effluent into freshwater rivers, including hatcheries on rivers feeding Hobart's drinking water catchment, have already been quietly renewed.

"It is disappointing that the supposed independent EPA and the government have not engaged in open, honest and transparent dialogue with community directly affected by the industry.
"It appears the multinational salmon company owners continue to benefit from their cosy relationship with the State government" says Trish Baily, TAMP Vice-President.

Meanwhile, TAMP says the Federal Environment Minister's decision to review the science that permitted salmon industry expansion in Macquarie Harbour is a small but insufficient step that does not reflect the minister's admission that the Maugean skate is in "urgent" need of protection.

"The science is clear, the impact of the industry on Macquarie Harbour is clear and the urgency to remove salmon from the Harbour is clear. We need action now before extinction becomes inevitable".

An adverse decision by Tanya Plibersek will reflect badly on Tasmania's global reputation and its "Clean Green branding."

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