What are you willing to sacrifice for your salmon dinner?


Dark MOFO Winter Feast visitors are being asked a confronting question by a major art installation in Mawson Place, Hobart, featuring a large-scale image with religious overtones … and a clear message about the destructive impact of unsustainable salmon farming.

The artwork was inspired by revelations that salmon producer, Tassal, was responsible for the deaths of 89 native Greater Cormorants at the end of last year - 53 shot and killed, the remaining birds dying in nets covering the fish pens.

The work is installed in the Huon Valley Artbox, which has been moved into Mawson Place until June 26, and will greet visitors to Dark Mofo's Winter Feast that runs from June 13 until June 23 as they promenade on the waterfront from June 13 until June 23.

The work is a collaboration between prize-winning Huon Valley artist Jessica Coughlan and Hobart artist, Amy Brown working as part of the Kali Project.

"The Kali Project leans into the beauty and gore of classic art masterpieces and religious iconography to draw attention to unsustainable natural resource use and animal cruelty at the hands of industry," says Jessica Coughlan.
"In this piece, we invoke the sublime, a sense of awe and wonder at the beauty of nature, but upon closer inspection, the lives of 89 cormorants are dead, in their death-throws, or on their way to certain death in their approach into the scene." said Jessica Coughlan.
Artist Amy Brown says "the impact of industrial fish farming on the Tasmanian seascape is centre stage in this drama. Our photographic narrative depicts the sacrifice made by the land, sea, river and sky country of Lutruwita (Tasmania)."
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