Sewage – this is fine?

Farmed salmon in Australia are "triploids" – infertile and frequently tragically deformed from birth which makes swimming and eating a lifelong struggle.

They live in cages 20 metres deep and swim round and round in a toxic mess of faeces, urea, ammonia, nitrogen and phosphorous. When waters warm and oxygen levels plummet they suffocate to death.

Salmon sludge pours out of the cages into nearby marine ecosystems 24 hours a day.

It causes the slimy algal blooms you may see on beaches and foreshores and can smother nearby reef systems where native marine life lives and breeds.

When the poo piles up under the cages, you'll find it infested by long white dorvilleid worms – a sure sign that things have gotten really bad..

It's everyone's Tassie and we need your help please


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