Tasmania's waterways & wildlife are under threat

Save Treasure Island

TASMANIA is the jewel of the Great Southern Ocean, a unique wilderness of astonishingly beautiful bays, inlets, beaches and rivers with incredible wildlife; a genuine treasure island. But these treasures are under threat.

Foreign-owned Atlantic salmon companies are releasing tonnes of antibiotics, chemicals, feed waste and faeces into waterways, creating an industrial biomass that; suffocates marine life and habitat, contaminates beaches and bays, and subjects coastal communities to 24/7 industrial noise and light.

The industrially farmed salmon they produce tests antibiotic resistant and contains higher than stated levels of trans fats. Ethoxiquin, a preservative/herbicide banned in the EU since 2017 due to concerns for human health, was also found present. Consumers need to look beyond the marketing and realise that salmon farmed this way is not sustainable, not green and not good for you.

Support our dedicated volunteers and campaign team as we hold industry and governments to account, alerting consumers nationwide to the health concerns and environmental damage caused by this industry.

It's a 60 million year old relic from the age of the dinosaurs. Found nowhere else in the world, Macquarie Harbour its last known habitat. The government must stop letting the multinational salmon industry send the Maugean Skate toward extinction! 

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