Tasmania's waterways & wildlife are under attack

Save Treasure Island

TASMANIA is the jewel of the Great Southern Ocean, a unique wilderness of astonishingly beautiful bays, inlets, beaches and rivers with incredible wildlife; a genuine treasure island. But these treasures are under attack.

Eating Salmon? 

Killing Tasmania

The confronting truth spreading across the mainland!

Every time consumers eat farmed Tasmanian Atlantic salmon* it ensures the thousands of tonnes of pollution, tonnes of antibiotics, plastic waste, marine debris, drinking water contamination, animal and bird deaths continue year on year.

It's a potential threat to consumers from ethoxyquin, p-Phenetidine, ethoxyquin-dimer, industrial trans fats, imbalanced omega 3 and 6 levels, industrial astaxanthin and antibiotic resistance; all wrapped up in a misleading health message, industry-run and paid-for certifications and sustainability claims.

Eating Salmon? Killing Tasmania.

This is what they don't tell you on the pack. Sadly available in supermarkets and fish mongers everywhere.

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*The main producers of this salmon are TASSAL, HUON and PETUNA selling under their own labels and supermarkets own/home brands. If it is marked as Australian, it's salmon farmed in Tasmania.

Foreign-owned Atlantic salmon companies are releasing tonnes of antibiotics, chemicals, feed waste and faeces into waterways, creating an industrial biomass that suffocates marine species and habitat, contaminates beaches and bays, and subjects coastal communities to 24/7 industrial light and noise.

The industrially farmed salmon they grow is unhealthy, antibiotic resistant, ethoxyquin riddled and full of bad fats. Consumers are learning to look beyond the marketing, realising that industrially farmed salmon is not sustainable, not green and not good for you.

Support our dedicated volunteers and campaign team as we hold industry and governments to account, alerting consumers nationwide to the health risks and environmental damage caused by this greenwashed industry.

"Help END salmon farm pollution"