Bjork: I always wanted to be David Attenborough


The Icelandic singer and activist is releasing a single with Spanish star Rosalía to support action against intensive salmon farming. She talks about being a guardian of Iceland's wilderness and how young people will make real change.

Her current obsession is to try to halt the practice of intensive salmon farming in Iceland's fjords, an industry that threatens not only the island's historic wild salmon, she argues, but also its entire ocean ecology. "We were organic before organic. But now what is starting in the last five or 10 years is this open-pen fish farming, basically factory farming," she says. She describes a practice, imported from Norway, of intensive salmon rearing, in which fish development is accelerated. Diseases – particularly those associated with parasitic sea lice – are, she claims, prevalent, pointing to photographs of disfigured farmed fish as evidence.

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