Bob Brown chastises Minister Palmer over her response to NOFF dive videos


Hon Jo Palmer
Minister for Primary Industries.

Dear Jo,

It was distressing to see you dismiss the underwater video of the impact of aquaculture on the Huon River waters in front of my home. Not just for me but for pretty well everyone else in this good community. They can and did expect a more reasonable acceptance of this video from you.

I have never seen you dismiss material from the corporate polluters of those waters as 'unverified'.

While I had nothing to do with the getting of that video, it took time, money and effort from good neighbours, including a relative of mine. These are honourable people from a sincerely distressed neighbourhood which, pre-aquaculture, enjoyed crystal clear waters and good fishing.

Under our system of representative government, it is your job to investigate such compelling evidence of environmental damage brought forward by your community.

I invite you to come snorkelling at the exact same place to see for yourself.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Brown.

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