Defenders of Tasmania’s environmental heritage won’t be silenced by Industrial Salmon


In response media statements by Luke Martin, lobbyist for Salmon Tasmania, the following statement is issued on behalf of TAMP:

Voices for the end of Atlantic salmon farming in Tasmania's remote Macquarie Harbour include marine scientists with many years of experience, environmental organisations whose members are deeply concerned, intelligent Tasmanians who understand the threat to the harbour and the Maugean skate and a basic human right to protect the wilderness and our environment.

These voices will not be silenced by lobby group Salmon Tasmania's latest public statements that seek to demean and diminish the deep expertise that has led to widespread, educated calls for the removal of industrial salmon feedlots from the waterway.

"When Salmon Tasmania lobbyist, Luke Martin, tells those people to stop agitating for an end to the destruction, he's merely speaking to protect the industry's foreign owners whose global environmental track record is scandalous" said Trish Baily, vice-president of TAMP.
"Mr Martin appears in workers' clothes in an effort to portray himself as a defender of Tasmanian workers but his words are designed to protect the billion-dollar profits the multinationals take overseas while avoiding Australian taxes.
"In fact, Salmon Tasmania is a Hobart-based, business district lobby group with access to politicians and ministers merely because it has loads of cash to splash around. Meanwhile tax payers are funding efforts to clean up the Macquarie Harbour and continue supporting this damaging industry.
"The idea that the foreign owners care about workers, about Tasmania's marine heritage or about the "Thylacine of the sea" - the Maugean skate - is ludicrous nonsense. Thankfully, there are many loyal, dedicated Tasmanians that won't be told to "shut up" by professional lobbyists spruiking for the industry."
  • Statement by: Trish Baily, VP, TAMP: 0499 787 299
  • If unavailable: Peter George: 0426 150 369