Maugean skate survived an ice age – But will it survive this government?

On Thursday the Rockliff Government announced a spend of $2.1 million on the captive breeding program for the Maugean Skate, a measure that government says will ensure the survival of the species. The government's announcement comes in the wake of a parliamentary motion, passed by a bipartisan vote, to block the federal Environment Minister from intervening in salmon farming operations in Macquarie Harbour. (Debate 5pm November 1 2023.)
"The $2.1million spend amounts to a further subsidy paid for by the Tasmanian public to prolong the Industry's unsustainable presence in the harbour. Salmon absolutely needs to be out of the harbour to restore the dissolved oxygen levels and protect the final critical habitat for the skate for generations to come."
"The Maugean skate is an animal that has survived ice ages, and mass extinction events, but it may not survive Tasmanian politicians. The science clearly shows the urgency of reducing salmon feedlots in the waterway to protect the final critical habitat for the skate for generations to come."
"You can't throw taxpayer's money at one half of the solution whilst completely ignoring the other, that is the scientific advice to decrease salmon stocks in the harbour. " – Jessica Coughlan, Campaigner
"The captive breeding program is an insurance measure, but it won't ensure the survival of the species if the skate does not have a restored habitat to return to. The Liberal and Labor parties have made a pact that amounts to no more than a wilful agreement to monitor the Maugean Skate into extinction."

All comments attributed to:
Jessica Coughlan,
Campaigner at Neighbours of Fish Farming