Norway shows the benefit of unannounced salmon lease inspections (Tasmania has none)


Sick and dying fish were headed for consumers believes Norwegian Food Safety Authority. The findings were unveiled following an unannounced inspection in September.

Tasmania has no provision for unscheduled lease inspections, our industry always know in advance when a lease visit is planned.

Salmon farming giant Lerøy Seafood is under scrutiny after the Norwegian Food Safety Authority uncovered poor handling practices at one of its facilities off the island of Hitra, Norway.

As part of a surprise inspection on Sep. 21, officials claim to have discovered dead and dying salmon being processed for human consumption, resulting in an immediate ban on the further harvest and sale of the fish, according to Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

The Food Safety Authority observed high mortality rates in the cages and cited the company for several breaches of food and aquaculture animal regulations, relating to the handling of fish that had died before the harvest process, in breach of legal requirements for food safety and animal welfare.

Despite the findings, Lerøy and its service provider Seivik, which operated the vessel at the centre of the claims, reject the allegations of preparing sick fish for the market.

Salmon Business, 11 October 2023