Salmon industry’s doomed attempt at self-justification


In another doomed attempt by the Tasmanian salmon industry to restore its ruined reputation, its newly-formed lobby group today launched a publicity campaign at a lunchtime event in the Huon Valley. The campaign centres on a document that attempts to highlight the industry's contributions to Tasmania while ignoring the damage it inflicts on the state's waterways, marine life, communities and reputation.

NOFF president, Peter George states:

"Money can buy lunch for 1200 people and it can buy politicians but it can't buy the truth.

Exaggerated job figures and a lobby group fronted by a former tourism salesman cannot persuade the 72% of Tasmanians who want to see coastal inshore salmon farming ended or that this foreign-owned industry is anything other than a machine for making money for its overseas owners while destroying the waterways and marine life Tasmanians love.

The document, apparently produced in collaboration with gun-for-hire consulting firm, Deloittes, comes replete with dubious claims, skewed data and a tidal wave of greenwashing while utterly failing to assess the realities of this destructive industry.

Any genuine, independent attempt to assess the industry's contribution to Tasmania would produce a cost/benefit analysis scrutinising the industry's costs and impacts on Tasmania's wildlife, waterways, reputation, tourism, environment & communities.

It would also consider the costs & benefits of following the global trend of moving on to land, the costs to public of huge government subsidies and the loss of amenities to the entire state arising from gifting public waters to a polluting industry

This is yet another attempt to hoodwink Tasmanians into believing the industry's spin.

Any economics teacher would grade this paper: FAIL.