Secret maps confirmed, Government to come clean?


The existence of secret maps – denied by government for weeks – that identify areas of Tasmania's coastline suitable for industrial salmon production has been confirmed at a webinar of scientists.

  • Map 1 shows the grow and no grow zones the industry disliked
  • Map 2 shows areas considered suitable for expansion
  • Map 3 shows areas considered suitable for expansion as technology increases

Speaking at a webinar of the Independent Science Council of Tasmania on Sept 20, 2021, Associate Professor Ross, an ecologist and expert on the environmental impacts of salmon farming, acknowledged the maps revealed by NOFF last week are genuine and represented an "important first stage" in looking at a range of water uses.

He said the purpose of the maps was to "develop a tool that can be used by government and might be used to inform decision making about grow and no grow zones for salmon farming."

His comments confirm not only the existence of the maps but their potential use to allow salmon farming across the entire northern coast of Tasmania and on much of the east coast.

NOFF has challenged the government to release the original maps for all Tasmanians to see.