Tasmanian vote undermines power of multinational salmon industry - NOFF welcomes election outcome


One clear winner from the Tasmanian elections will be the state's marine life and waterways. The final makeup of the Parliament will ensure the multinational salmon industry will be held to account for the damage it does to the state's natural heritage.

The vote for the Greens and progressive independents makes it clear Tasmanians want an end to the closed-door deals with polluting industries.

"Perhaps the biggest winner from this election will be the 60-million-year-old Maugean skate whose very existence is threatened by industrial salmon production in Macquarie Harbour," says Peter George, president of NOFF.
"Federal environment minister, Tanya Plibersek, will take heart from such a clear message as she considers whether to start removing the Atlantic salmon feedlots from the deteriorating waterway."
"When election donations are finally revealed, Tasmanians will discover how much the industry has wasted buying the support of the Liberal and Labor parties, only to find the new Parliament can't be bought off so easily. The $4,000-a-head fundraising dinners paid by the salmon barons might have bought big party loyalty but Tasmanians have rejected such behind-closed-door deals.
"For all the aggressive demonisation of concerned Tasmanians by the industry lobby, Salmon Tasmania, the industry is on the nose. NOFF looks forward to a time when the salmon industry accepts the inevitable rejection of its destructive practices and starts the transition to properly regulated land-based production."
  • More information: Peter George: 0426 150 369 president@noff.au