UnCage Our Seas National Campaign launch Noon, Hobart Town Hall Wed 29 Nov


NOFF launches a national campaign, UnCage Our Seas, at a public meeting at the Hobart Town Hall.

The campaign includes targeted advertising that has already reached 200,000 people and diverse events including music gigs, film shows, markets and community meetings, starting in northern NSW and SE Queensland.

NOFF has secured funding from an international ocean-focused philanthropic foundation that will fund the campaign into 2024 in addition to funds NOFF has raised in Australia.

UnCage Our Seas will alert mainland consumers that caged Atlantic salmon is not clean, green and sustainable but an industrial product with concerning health issues and far from the "superfood" the industry claims.

The launch comes a day before licences for the three multinational Atlantic salmon producers to continue operations in Tasmanian waters expire.

NOFF president, Peter George, says the meeting will send a very clear message to the government that the time for blindly enabling the industry to continue polluting coastal waterways and rivers and harming marine life is over.

"If the government doesn't get the message and act, then we'll take the message to the mainland that eating salmon is killing Tasmania.

More information:

Peter George: 0426 150 369 president@noff.au