Extinction – this is fine?

In the remote west coast waters of Tasmania lives a unique relic of the dinosaur age.

But after 60 million years, it's being driven to the edge of extinction in Macquarie Harbour mainly by industrial salmon pollution.

Some scientists fear it'll become the Thylacine of the Sea – after the equally unique Tasmanian Tiger (or Thylacine) that was driven to extinction by colonial hunters last century.

Scientists advising the Federal and State governments say the best way to protect the skate is to take away the salmon feedlots. But the foreign-owned companies are refusing to remove "a single fish" because profits are obviously more important to them than this unique part of Australia's heritage.

The foreign corporations are also planning to colonise waters not far from Frederick Henry Bay (near Hobart) where the last known colony of the extraordinary and beautiful Red Handfish is struggling to survive.

This industry shoots protected fur seals with lead-weighted projectiles, uses underwater explosives against them and wherever its gigantic cages exist, fears grow for other marine species like sea horses, weedy sea dragons, dolphins, striped cow fish and flathead.

It's everyone's Tassie and we need your help please


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