Government releases draft Ten Year Salmon Plan


The Tasmanian Government has released the draft Ten Year Salmon Plan, without completing all their promised community consultation. NOFF's President, Peter George, said:

The state government's ten-year Atlantic salmon plan marks a complete capitulation by the Rockliff government to the foreign-owned industry giving it what it wants, where it wants. The plan amounts to a free gift to the salmon barons – more public waterways further offshore while maintaining everything they have been gifted in coastal, shallow waters.

The Plan totally fails to address the most pressing issue in the industry's operations: moving open-net feedlots out of protected, shallow and vulnerable waterways. It also fails to incentivise the most important move the industry could make to protect Tasmania's marine life and coastal communities – moving the industry into land-based production as is evolving globally.

Killora Community Association spokesperson, Gerard Castles, says there is nothing in the plan to reassure Bruny Island residents or to dissuade them from actions planned next year to demonstrate community outrage.

George and Castles say the community campaign to rid Tasmanian waters of polluting salmon feedlots will step up over the next few months.