JBS to bring 1,500 Brazilian workers, and JBS’s corporate culture, to Australia


Brazilian giant, JBS, whose owners did jail time for bribing 1,800 politicians, is threatening to export its corrupt culture to Australia by bringing no fewer than 1,500 of its workers to our shores. They say the intake will address the need of the protein giant to "maintain its culture in the various markets it entered" (Australian Financial Review 4 July 2023, usually paywalled) .

What were former Liberal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and the Foreign Investment Review Board thinking when they let JBS into Australia, using the proceeds of criminal activities to buy salmon producer, Huon Aquaculture, in spite of advance warnings from NOFF?

ABC Four Corners reported in April 2022 that JBS used the funds from loans secured through bribery to fund its expansion into Australia (Source: ABC News, 25 April 2022 Four Corners transcript, viewed online 1 June 2023).

NOFF asks:

  • Why did the FIRB let a company owned by admitted criminals into Australia, in defiance of government policy?
  • Will these 1,500 workers displace any local Tasmanian workers?
  • Will they be paid the same as local Tasmanian workers? How will this be policed when the imported workers may well be contracted overseas?