Maugean skate remains threatened with imminent extinction despite temporary reprieve


A combination of natural events may have given Macquarie Harbour a temporary reprieve from its health crisis but the Maugean skate remains under threat of extinction and the need for urgent action remains.

"The salmon industry, the government and the EPA are all well aware that a natural inflow of sea water and lower water temperatures than expected are responsible for reports of improved oxygen levels in the waterway" said NOFF President Peter George.
"It's got nothing to do with the trial oxygenation project that's only just got underway and has little if any impact. At best, natural circumstances have produced a temporary reprieve for the harbour and the skate. At worst the foreign-owned industry will feel emboldened to claim "nothing to be seen here" backed by a complicit resources minister, Eric Abetz.
"One year after IMAS's stunning warning about collapsing Maugean skate numbers, neither federal officials nor state governments have acted on the advice of their scientists - take the salmon feedlots out of Macquarie Harbour."
  • More information: Peter George: 0426 150 369