Postcard series calls for action from Federal Environment Minister


This campaign calls for fast, muscular intervention from the Federal Environment Minister, Tanya Plibersek to protect Tasmania's marine and bird life from salmon industry operations in the state's coastal waters.

Neighbours of Fish Farming, in collaboration with filmmakers LowCo has released a series of "Postcards from the End of the World", the first of which calls for urgent Federal intervention to protect the Maugean skate, unique to Macquarie Harbour, from extinction.

Each postcard begins with "Dear Tanya" and provides clear, fact-based evidence of the threat to Tasmania's marine life and waterways from the operations of multinational salmon companies in the state.

"Through collaboration with state, national and global organisations, as well as millions of individuals who care about marine life and protecting our oceans, this campaign will hit the minister's desk every day with demands for action under the federal laws that enable intervention in environmental and wildlife issues," says Jess Coughlan, NOFF campaigner.

Species identified in the 'postcards' series are: threatened Maugean skate and Red Handfish (temporarily unavailable), the rare Burrunan dolphin in Storm Bay, short-tailed shearwater birds and the protected Tasmanian fur seal.

"The short, impactful 'postcards' are addressed directly to the minister and designed to be forwarded to her from around the nation and around the globe," says Ms Coughlan.

"Around Australia and around the world, Tasmania is a by-word for a clean, green natural environment of which we should be proud and which we must protect as our heritage."

" The 'Postcards' series highlights the impact the multinational-owned salmon industry poses to some our our unique and much-loved marine and bird species because of the light, noise and effluent it emits.

All the 'postcards' may be freely downloaded and circulated.

They will also be circulated through global consumer organisations with which NOFF has a collaborative arrangement."