Seafood labelling for Hospitality


The Federal Government is investigating the introduction of mandatory seafood labelling for the hospitality industry. Submissions have now closed, but you can read NOFF's here.

NOFF believes that transparent labelling is very important for farmed Tasmanian salmon, as consumers need to be able to identify where the fish they eat is from – now that all three salmon companies are foreign owned there is little under current Australian legislation to stop them marketing overseas sourced or processed salmon under their well-known and hard-earned brand names.

Consumers also need to know how the fish they eat is produced, whether it is farmed or wild caught. Farmed salmon has high levels of omega 6 fatty acids, usually contains chemicals astaxanthin and ethoxyquin, and may contain antibiotics. Its production often involves cruelty to marine animals, and to the salmon themselves.

You can read more about what the Government intends here.

And of course, Atlantic salmon are not Australian!