Tasmanian Premier’s junket


Desperate to expand beyond Macquarie Harbour where it has been a major contributor to the pollution that is driving Maugean skate to extinction, Petuna today played host to the Tasmanian Premier and ministers in a bid to expand into Storm Bay.

Despite growing opposition from communities on Storm Bay, Petuna is looking to site huge open-net salmon cages off the much-loved Betsey Island although the science that should underpin such expansion is incomplete.

"Community resistance from residents of South Arm and other foreshore communities is already growing," says Peter George, president of NOFF. "We have been approached by individuals and groups who want to join the statewide alliance to see-off this damaging industry.

" I'm sure Premier Rockliff and his environment and industry ministers will have enjoyed their junket and may well have been served Petuna's product but they need to listen to the community – to voters – instead of cashed-up financial contributors to the Liberal Party.

"Petuna is just another one of the three multinationals running industrial salmon cages in Tasmania with no interest in the future of our states waterways and marine life."