Three communities call for cancellation of salmon licences


Community groups impacted by industrial salmon production in Tasmania have called on the state government to revoke industry licences and leases in nearby waterways.

The call comes as Primary Industry minister, Jo Palmer, EPA director, Wes Ford, and the Secretary of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE), Jason Jacobi, consider whether to renew salmon production licences which fall due on November 30.

Tasman Peninsula Marine Protection (TPMP), Killora Community Association (KCA) and Neighbours of Fish Farming (NOFF) have all written to demand the licences not be renewed.

TPMP and KCA have both written open letters that argue licences to operate should be cancelled under state legislation which requires decision makers to ensure environmental protection, sustainable management and community enhancement.

In Long Bay, close to the Port Arthur World Heritage site, TPMP argues that "90% of excess nutrients discharged into Long Bay – the equivalent of sewerage discharged by at least 25,000 people" is unsustainable in a waterway with no flush-through.

"The predominant 'adaptive management' approach adopted by government and industry is clearly failing us, and the environment."

KCA calls for leases and licences to be revoked for Tassal leases in the D'Entrecasteaux Channel, returning public waters to Tasmanians and rehabilitation as marine reserves

"With the wealth of objective evidence available to you, the legislative power exists to cease salmon farming at [Tassal's] Sheppards and Simmonds leases once and for all and to return the waterway for the benefit of community and the environment."

NOFF has engaged legal firm, Equity Generation Lawyers to press its case against renewal of licences and for cancelation of leases under State regulations, specifically focusing on Macquarie Harbour as well as D'Entrecasteaux Channel and Huon River.

The lawyers have written to the Minister, the heads of Natural Resources and Environment, and the EPA head citing environmental constraints, improper conduct and contraventions of conditions of the licences as reasons not to renew.

Media release Wednesday, 15 November 2023

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