This is fine – Tasmania is being duped

Three foreign companies own the Atlantic salmon feedlots in Tasmania's waters. They're from Brazil, Canada and Japan/New Zealand and they have no stake in the future of our waterways and marine life.

  • They foul our waters with plastic debris & degrade our marine life.
  • Day and night, the thud of dirty diesels can be heard for kilometres
  • They light up the night sky with their arc lights.
  • Their hatcheries pollute our drinking water catchment.

All this and yet they pay a miserable pittance for using Australian waters.

You can help: refuse to buy Atlantic salmon produced by:

Huon Aquaculture



Don't be fooled by the slick plastic packaging as you think about what to have for dinner.

The profits go offshore. The pollution stays inshore.

Australia is being duped.

It's everyone's Tassie and we need your help please


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