You are what you eat – this is fine

We are what we eat, so what our food eats matters.

Tasmanian Atlantic salmon is marketed as a "superfood.

It's not.

Here's why:

  • Your salmon may contain the chemical ethoxyquin (EQ) banned from food in Europe because of fears it may be carcinogenic. EQ has a petrochemical base and was developed by Monsanto as a pesticide. It now finds its way into salmon feed as a preservative, then into the fish and then into you through your blood and into your brain.
  • Children, being lighter than adults, are more likely to be affected and it can be detected in breast milk.

Just how much fat would you like with that? Seriously.

Tests show far more saturated and trans fats in farmed salmon than the industry admits – and much more than in wild salmon.

A 200g serving of farmed salmon has been found to contain more than a Big Mac and fries. Seriously.

In fact, "good" omega-3 found naturally in wild salmon has been found to be diminishing in farmed salmon but "bad" fats – omega-6 – are increasing.

So next time you're in a supermarket or fish monger you may want to think twice.

And if you don't buy it, that'll send a message to this toxic industry.

It's everyone's Tassie and we need your help please


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