Strong and growing public opposition to salmon farming in Iceland

Sam Beebe photo
Sam Beebe photo

Intrafish reports that many local restaurants now refuse to offer salmon farmed in open pens. They advertise openly on a special website, and display signs in their windows, stating that they have removed industrially farmed salmon from their menus.

Public feeling is also growing. Recently around one percent of Iceland's total population joined street demonstrations against open net pen farming.

Unlike in Norway or the Faroe Islands, salmon farming does not dominate Iceland's export market, so many locals question the benefit of an industry frequently beset by diseases, escapes and pollution. The industry is not helped by being largely foreign owned.

There is widespread disapproval of an industry that threatens local fish populations, and the livelihoods of those whose jobs depend on those native fish stocks.

Public opinion is increasingly influencing legislators to propose new regulatory frameworks that could restrict the growth of the foreign owned industry.

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Recently famous Icelandic singer Bjork released a song against the salmon farming industry.